1. Why order a Sara Elizabeth cake? It’s simple: time, attention, and detail. I’m a small one-woman show, carefully baking and decorating each cake from my home kitchen. I take a very limited amount of orders, which means I spend an unlimited amount of time making sure your special custom-designed cake is as close to perfection as can be. You and your cake are the center of my attention. No rush to fill and complete multiple orders. No confusion. No bulk baking or frozen cakes. No cheap bulk ingredients. Only the best. It’s what you pay for. It’s what you get.
  2. How do I book a cake? To reserve your date, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit. The remainder is due no DSC_7393later than 2 weeks prior to your reserved date. This is due to the fact that as soon as you book your cake, I begin turning away other potential customers and orders. I also immediately begin prep work to ensure that your order is completed on time: ordering special supplies, purchasing ingredients, and making what elements that I can ahead of time.  Once I begin making your cake in earnest, hours upon hours are spent in baking and meticulously creating your design to ensure that it is a fantastic and delicious production!
  3. How soon should I book my cake? Each of my cakes are custom-made, and I accept a limited number of bookings per year. If you want to ensure that your date is available (particularly in the spring/summer), please reserve your date months in advance. I accommodate last-minute requests as I am able to, so don’t hesitate to inquire.
  4. Do you provide tastings? Tastings are available for a $45 fee (up to 3 flavors for 3 people) which will be put towards your order should you proceed to book a cake. Please allow one hour for this, and bring any photos or ideas that you have for your cake!
  5. Do you deliver? Yes. I highly recommend delivery service to ensure that your cake arrives in one piece, especially for tiered cakes. For wedding cakes, delivery service is typically required. Once the finished cake leaves my hands, I am no longer responsible for the condition of the cake upon arrival, or incidents that may occur during transportation. Delivery fees start at $25 for North Greenville region elsewhere approx. $1/mile, round trip.
  6. If I want to pick up my own cake, what should I know about transporting it? Cakes are ALWAYS more stable on the floor of your car than on a friend’s lap. Have a clear, clean, open place on the floor of your car, away from other items that may slide into it (including items on a seat above/behind it). Trunks are best, since you have more room to lift the cake in and out. Cakes are heavy! Place a piece of non-slip shelf or carpet liner on the floor, then place the cake carefully on top of it. Drive cautiously, slowing down especially when taking curves, on hills, turning, braking, or speeding up.
  7. How many flavors can I select for my cake? For 3 tier cakes, you may select up to 2 flavors. 4 tier cakes, up to 3 flavors. Please refer to my flavor menu.
  8. Do you provide flowers? I make and arrange the sugar flowers as ordered. Fresh flowers are best purchased from and arranged by your florist. Please discuss this with me while planning the design. In a pinch, I am happy to do what I can to arrange fresh flowers on-site.
  9.  Can you make peanut-free/gluten-free/vegan/non-dairy cakes, etc?  I do not specialize in these items, and since these ingredients are used regularly in my kitchen, I recommend ordering from someone who does specialize in these types of allergies or diet-restrictions. That said, I am always happy to take any necessary additional precautions for the safety of my customers.
  10. Can you ship your cakes? Due to the fragile nature of decorated cakes, I cannot ship them, but I do deliver across the US. Inquire for details.

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